Future of Children

  • Authors from the Research-Practice Partnerships to Strengthen Education issue wrote updates to their articles to show how the COVID-19 pandemic affected these partnerships.
  • Sara McLanahan, a prominent sociologist whose work played a foundational role in the understanding of single parents and their children, died of cancer Dec. 31. She was 81.
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  • Research-practice partnerships (RPPs) are long-term collaborations between researchers and policy makers and/or practitioners that are designed to improve educational outcomes through sustained collaboration and commitment.
  • We thank you for your support of the Future of Children over the 17 years since our team at Princeton and Brookings took over the journal...
  • The period from pregnancy through age three is the one in which the most rapid growth of the brain and behavior occurs. Yet most researchers and policy makers have treated the nine months of development during pregnancy separately from the first three years of life.
  • Children's economic and social outcomes, both during their childhood and in their adult years, largely depend on the circumstances into which they are born and raised.


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