The Future of Children is a collaboration of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the Brookings Institution. Our mission is to translate the best social science research about children and youth into information that is useful to policymakers, practitioners, grant-makers, advocates, the media, and students of public policy. We publish one journal and policy brief each year, in addition to other projects. The policy topics we cover range widely – from education to health to families – with children as the unifying element. Our diverse senior editorial team represents two institutions and multiple disciplines. 

Because we aim to reach a wide audience with the best objective research possible, our articles offer a balanced view of the evidence, review both basic and policy-relevant research to highlight both what we know and what works, and avoid using overly technical language. We support numerous outreach activities and conferences, many of which you can view on our website.  In keeping with our commitment to reach a broad audience, electronic versions of our materials and attendance at our outreach forums are free of charge.