The Role of Technology in Postsecondary Education

May 22, 2013
Princeton University


Event Description

The increasing use of technology in postsecondary education has transformed the educational landscape. It has enhanced and increased opportunities in education as well as provided new challenges for colleges and universities. This conference addressed some of these major issues by bridging research and practice. Presentations addressed the latest research regarding the use of technology in the classroom as well as reviewed related issues such as who is attending college and is college worth it. Practitioner panels discussed the nuts and bolts of providing technology in the classroom and specifically pinpointed some of the practical issues related to online courses and flipped classrooms. Additional panel conversations addressed the issues of offering credit for these online courses and what this means for universities and other higher institutions moving forward.

This conference was one of our outreach events for the latest Future of Children Journal, Postsecondary Education in the United States, edited by Cecilia Rouse, Thomas Brock and Lisa Barrow, released this Spring.