Working with Children with Disabilities: Tools for Parents and Schools

May 18, 2012
Princeton University


Event Description

This conference targeted specific educational interventions for children with disabilities. The day bridged research and practice by highlighting certain research based methods that have been applied to schools. Panels discussed practical interventions for schools such as school wide interventions and teacher coaching. Decision making tools for identification and selecting accommodations were also addressed. The day ended with a discussion of parent and school partnerships as well as postsecondary options for students. 

This conference was organized by the Education Research Section (ERS) and co-sponsored by the Future of Children journal (FOC) and the Woodrow Wilson School (WWS). It was designed in conjunction with the latest issue of the Future of Children journal, Children with Disabilities, which was released in Spring, 2012. This conference was intended for school administrators and decision-makers as well as parents who have a vested interest in programs accommodating children with disabilities in grades k-12.

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