Shauna Tominey

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Social and Emotional Learning, Vol. 27, No. 1
“SEL Interventions in Early Childhood”

What’s the focus of your research? 
My research focuses on supporting positive social and emotional outcomes for children and families. I have two related research areas: 1) developing and testing SEL programs (The Kindergarten Readiness Study/Red Light, Purple Light; RULER) and 2) increasing access to parenting education to provide families with the information and support they need to be the parents they want to be (Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative).

If readers take one big idea from your Future of Children article, what should it be?
We know a lot about how to promote positive social and emotional outcomes, but what children and families need varies across contexts so it is essential that we adapt and tailor programs to meet those diverse needs.

What did you learn from writing a Future of Children article?
Writing a Future of Children article was a wonderful opportunity to share and learn with colleagues around the country. I learned to value the way that many different perspectives can come together to enhance our understanding of a topic.

Shauna Tominey is an Assistant Professor of Practice & Parenting Education Specialist at Oregon State University.